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Modular CubatronsTM

Modular Cubatrons (MC) are 8x8x8 foot cubes containing an array of 1000 lights (10x10x10). Each light is individually controllable by computer to any color and brightness level. Modular Cubatrons are building blocks for creating larger displays. They can run separately or be synchronized.
The MC uses third generation Triklit lighting technology. Each light contains two RGB LEDs for extra brightness that can be updated 62 times/second with 24-bit color. Lights are housed in a waterproof and UV resistant polycarbonate ball. The wire passes through the center of each ball so the lights form a uniform line.




Most configurations sit on a platform 5 feet above the ground.
Cubatron D2. Two Modular Cubatrons in a diagonal row.
Cubatron L3. Three Modular Cubatrons in a row.
Cubatron L4. Four Modular Cubatrons in a row forming an 8x32 foot wide by 8 foot high display of 4000 lights.
Cubatron L5. Five Modular Cubatrons in a row. The 5th cube was funded by a Burning Man Art Grant.
Cubatron L6. Six Modular Cubatrons.



Cubatron L4 at Electric Daisy Carnival.

Cubatron L3 at DLD, Munich.

Each MC needs about 1000W of power peak, at 208-240 or 100-120 VAC. So the L4 configuration requires a power supply capable of 4000W peak. A crew of 4-5 people can set up the L4 configuration in under 4 hours. Each MC weighs about 200lbs (90kg) when packed in a shipping crate.