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Cubatron Core, 2012, by Mark Lottor


    Minleon Trik-Lits 360 degree
    The Minleon Trik-Lits 360 are the most versatile lights in the world and are designed to be viewed from any angle and allow for a degree of creativity using light that has not been possible before. Your imagination is the limitation with the possibilities.Minleon Trik-Lits RGB Ball-Outdoor Light

    The construction enables very clean and even light dispersion whilst also providing high levels of water ingress protection and strength. These are high quality commercial grade lights designed for permanent indoor and outdoor use.

   TRIKLITS product is a 1.65in (42mm) diameter ball that contains two RGB LEDs. The wire passes through the center of the balls so all the lights on a string will line up when used vertically. The spacing and number of lights per string can be varied by special order. Each Ball light uses about 25ma maximum power at 12vdc. The balls are waterproof and made from UV resistant polycarbonate.