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 Minleon Group (Minleon), is an international group of affiliated companies headquartered in China. 
    Minleon, with manufacturing facilities in China and on-site customer service    and warehousing in the USA and Australia, is the largest manufacturer-Exporter of LED holiday replacement bulbs in the USA commercial market. Formed in 2005, Minleon quickly established a presence in the industry by focusing on superior product quality, reliability and customer service. Core product line includes LED decorative replacement/retrofit bulbs of all shapes and sizes. In 2007 Minleon introduced the first successful dimming LED replacement bulb capable of working with automated lighting software. This competitive edge further strengthened Minleon’s market presence. Continuing this innovative strategy, recently Minleon entered the high-energy LED-RGB field by manufacturing and marketing a series of RGB light strings, tubes, bars and ribbon products. With vertical integration in mind, Minleon quickly added to its RGB product line a comprehensive offering of RGB light controllers, and purchased the leading RGB light show software provider in the industry. With these significant achievements, Minleon has become the only player in the RGB marketplace manufacturing and marketing a full line of RGB lighting products, RGB light controllers, and writing its own complimentary RGB light show software. With its established nationwide network of distributors, and continued expanding thereof, Minleon is truly poised to become the leader in RGB lighting, in addition to its current leading position in the traditional LED commercial market. 
    Minleon offer a complete range of plug and play RGB lighting systems that can be designed to meet your customers and market in 3 easy steps ranging from a selection of different controllers with varying control and features to the wide variety of different Minleon RGB lights and accessories. Minleon also offer their own advanced light control software, LightShow Pro, which can be used with any of the Minleon RGB controllers to create your own effects or program the lights to music. 
   Minleon’s strength and ability to enable a flexible solution that will meet your customers and market needs is due to Minleon owning the factories that make the lights and controllers as well as owning the leading software in its market that gives all the Minleon controllers the flexibility to be completely controlled through a computer. This give Minleon the ability to tailor a product that can specifically meet your needs. No other RGB lighting Manufacturer can offer so much flexibility, choice and options.

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one-of-a kind, original masterpiece

one-of-a kind, original masterpiece

one-of-a kind, original masterpiece

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