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F50 replacement bulb

Date:2015-10-14 / times:

Detail :


Base Type : E27
Voltage: 12V-24V DC; 130-240V AC
Watts: Less than 1 watt
Leds inside : 14pcs   ;   Base type : E27
Lamp cover :  faceted , smooth , Opaque
Colors: Solid colors: Red/Orange/Yellow/Blue/Green/Purple/Pink/Cool White/Warm White/Sun White 
Changing colors: 7 colors; Two colors (R-B; R-G; R-Y; etc...) 
Twinkle colors: Single Twinkle Color 
Patented MINLEON led bulbs are famous for:
Energy saving – save more than 80% energy;
Long lasting – save labor to replace ineffective bulbs;
Unbreakable – protect environment better;
Waterproof – no worry on outdoor decor;
Cool to touch – no heat, no fire hazard;


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